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Sunday, November 4th, 2007
3:27 pm
Filed under, "Only in Bellingham"
Jocelynn: Justin and I were roommates for a while.

Me: Oh yeah?

Her: Yeah, we needed a place to live, we were desperate!

Me: You both needed a place at the same time, so you ended up moving in together?

Her: Yeah, we rented from this guy, Ricky, out of complete desperation! GET THIS: He rented out his house so he could live in his van on the street in front of it!

Me: WHAT?! For real?

Her: Yeah, and every morning he'd knock on the door and ask for a shower!

Me: ONLY in Bellingham!

Her: No doubt!
Tuesday, July 17th, 2007
10:29 pm
The first really vivid dream I've had in a while and the interweb explains it's meaning:

To dream of a run-down bridge, indicates that you should not contemplate any major changes in your life at this time.

To see the dead in your dream, forewarns that you are being influenced by negative people and are hanging around the wrong crowd.

To see a faceless figure or person in your dream, indicates that you are still searching for your own identity and finding out who you are.� Perhaps you are unsure of how to read people and their emotions. And therefore are expressing a desire to know and understand these people in a deeper level.

Dreams of confusion signifies that you are being pulled in opposite directions or do not know which viewpoint is right.

So, in conclusion, I'm hanging around the wrong crowd, but I should not contemplate any major changes in my life. Thanks stupid dream!

Current Mood: sleepy
Friday, March 24th, 2006
9:09 pm
Song lyric road trip
Hahaha!  Yeah!  And we can go to Baltimore, too, but only if it's raining.  And Allison Road - wasn't that in DC somewhere?
We can travel down Route 2 between Concord & Lexington, and make sure to have a stop in Omaha (I hear that's somewhere in middle America).  And when we're hungry we can stop at Denny's at four am!  We might even see God at a Metallica show.  (I didn't even know God LIKED Metallica!)

And have a breakdancers reunion in New Orleans! We'll steal a car in Xenia, OH! We'll take a train to Brooklyn and then change our names to MC Somethin' (when we learn how to rhyme, of course!) Then we'll steal the bling bling from all the Benzos that are parked along the street in Compton.

Well, but only if we decide we're Polynesian originally (and get away from Tennessee).  We'll go back to Ohio, but our city will be gone.  We'll try to go to the wild wild west (living for the nineties!), but we'll be losing California (it's floating in space).  Maybe on the way we'll run into that place in the desert where the men all meet, park their vans in the shade, talk about Kerouac and the works of the Beats.  Similarly, what about that Fred Meyer, right between the Costco and the Barnes & Noble?  We can try to go to Boston, but then we'll miss a turn (and end up in traffic school).  But we'll have to go to New York City (everyone's your friend there), where we'll shoot someone and tell everyone we're from Detroit.  Then we'll end up back in Bellingham - whenever we come back, the air on Railroad is making the same sounds, and the shop fronts on Holly are dirty words, asterisks in for the vowels.

Current Mood: a'ight
Friday, January 20th, 2006
12:45 am
2005 - all I care about
Favorite music:

10 Leiahdorus - "Parallel Universe" Yay for synthpop!
9 New Pornos - "Twin Cinema" I like it just as much as the other two :)
8 Gorillaz - "Demon Days" I like this one much better than their first.
7 Ladytron - "Witching Hour" This one is way better than their others.
6 Mike Daughty - "Haughty Melodic" LOVE every song on this one!
5 Stars - "Set Yourself on Fire" Another album I LOVE!
4 The Go! Team - "Thunder Lightening Strike!" (US release) I listen to this way too much!
3 Regina Spektor - "Soviet Kitsch" sample lyric "Krispy krispy Benjamin Franklin came over and babysat all four of my kids" It's all about the random lyrics with her.
2 Eels - "Blinking Lights and Other Revelations" A life in the life of my hero, Mr. E.
1 M.I.A. - "Arular" I'm obsessed.

Aaaaand the best album that wasn't released this year: Ornament and Crime by sElf. Kathryn heart sElf.

Current Mood: bored
Wednesday, May 4th, 2005
5:53 am
Nordstrom, Sloan, and Outlet Mall
Sarah and I headed downtown around 6:30 on Friday night. We did a little shopping, and then headed over to the Nordstrom Event. I needed coffee in a big way and so we went to the Nordstrom Cafe. The store itself had already closed for the event and angyry potental shoppers were gathering at the doors. There were these young girls banging on the door and yelling "HEY OPEN THE DOOR! IT'S ONLY 7 O'CLOCK!" Then they came into the cafe and continued to be obnoxious. Sarah and I made fun of them and joked that we should go to the door after we got in and made fun of them.

After we got in we scoped the place out. There was champange and hor'derves and random stuff like "make your own flip-flops" and "Make your own sunglasses". Kind of stupid, really. There was a Dave Matthews wannabe band playing, and they were OK, except for the whole Dave Matthews wannabe thing. Sharon called me and said to meet her and the other Sarah upstairs in juniors. So we went up and hung out with them for a while. We were all getting pretty bored with the event since there really wasn't much food, and the specials were lame. We headed downstairs to wait for dessert. Sarah and I got champange and after 3 sips I was slurring. My stomach was completely empty (most of the hor'derves contained meat and I was only eating little crackers with cheese on them. I had eaten only 3 of these little things when I got the champange.) I was like "puttin' this down..." Anyway there was still no dessert by 9:00 so we said "fuck it" and left.

Sarah and I headed to Belltown to get some dinner. We went to this little diner for some food. There were a bunch of strung-out looking kids eating and working there. I had a bagel sandwich, and was very happy to be finally eating real food. We asked our server where the Crockodile Cafe was and then headed over there. We wern't having much luck finding parking and I was starting to get nervous. I hate parking downtown. Then we found a spot right by the Crockodile, and RIGHT BY SLOAN'S BUS. We were like "WE'RE AWESOME!" Because, dood, we are.

We headed in and right after waking in the door I spot Patrick talking to the guy selling merch. He had his BTB spiky hair and he was looking really good. I grabbed Sarah "That's Patrick by the merch counter!" "Where?" "Over there! He's so adorable!" "Come on! Let's go talk to him." "NOOOOO!" I ran away. I'm a total pussy. She came and found me and was like "Whatever, retard."

The opening band was in the middle of their set. They had some pretty poppy songs and I found them to be completely tolerable. Sarah started slowly working our way closer to the stage. She was pushing me forward and finding spots for me to stand where I could see. Sarah is so awesome. The place was fucking packed. I was so excited to see such a great tournout for my favorite Canadian band. After the stage got set up for Sloan (it took a while - they even tuned the instruments!) the crowd started chanting "SLOOOOOO-OOOOANNN!" I was extatic, I couldn't believe this was a Seattle crowd.

Sloan came on and commented on the great crowd and then launched into "Losing California". I freaked the fuck out! I'd been waiting 6 years to hear this song live! We were standing on Patrick's side of the stage so I could see him most of the time and I totally felt euphoric. I say I could see Patrick most of the time because I was standing behind this fucking guy who could not stop rocking side to side. I'm pretty sure he didn't have parkinson's disease, so I was totally pissed and annoyed. I kept "accidently" bumping into him because, as I later explained to Sarah, I'm totally passive aggressive (she was like, "you shoulda told him off").

They played a great energetic 90 minute set that contained a wide variety of songs, including "Before I Do", "Sugartune" and "I Can Feel It"! I sang along to every fucking song except "Try to Make it" which I've only heard once and "The Other Man" out of principle (it's lame.)

Between the songs, Chris rambled on about God-knows-what as usual, and the entire band seemed pleasantly surprised at the size and energy of the crowd.
Chris: "People have trouble because they don't know if we're a pop/rock band or a rock/pop band, and this song is a great example. Are we a pop band that has some rock in their songs or a rock band that has some pop in their songs?"
Patrick: *gives Chris a "what the fuck are you talking about" look*
Chris: "You know what I mean?"
Patrick: "Yeah, I know what you mean, I just have no idea what that has to do with this song."
Chris: "The guitar solo."
Patrick: "Oh, yeah. OK, I guess you're right. It's a pop song with a rock and roll guitar solo."
Chris: "Yeah!"
*they start playing "The Good in Everyone" and I giggle like a retarded 4-year-old*

When they came out for the encore, Andrew was strapping on a guitar and someone in the crowd yelled "Sensory Deprivation!" and he whips around and points at the person and said something (he was nowhere near the mic). He must have said "you want it you got it" cuz that's exactly what they played. Andrew seemed really drunk. He bumped into the mic several times and triped twice. I was lauging my ass off everyime he hit his head on the mic. *Thud!* he he! He was a madman on the drums, though. I feel like I should mention Jay, but he only sang 2 songs and didn't say anything at all. "The Lines You Amend" was really great, though.

So I had a total blast, and Sarah is now a fan. She loved "Try to Make it" especially, and made me promise to copy "A Sides Win" as soon as I get it for her.
Sarah: "Chris is so hot."
Me: "Yeah totally, but his ego completely ruins it for me."
Sarah: "I think his ego is part of what makes him so hot"
Me: "Not for me. Whenever any guy is all 'I'm so awesome!', I'm always, 'Ummmm no, you're not. Your shy, cute friend, on the other hand, is a sexy motherfucker.'"
Sarah: "Yeah, that's totally you. Patrick is pretty cute, I can tell why you like him best."

I got a new Sloan shirt which brings my total up to 3 (4 if you count the hommade one me and Liz did when we were 15. I know I still have that one somewhere. It said "I can feel it" on the back.) It's too big, but looks cute when I pin the back to make it more form-fitting. We got back to my place around 1:30 in the morning. Carlo was home and asleep so Sarah headed home.

I got up at 6:30 the next morning and got ready for shopping! Sarah came around 9 (she was supposed to be here by 8, but our late start ended up not being a problem.) We got to the new outlet mall at 10:15, only a few minutes after it opened. We parked pretty close to the enterance and were thinking that there wasn't nearly as many people as we thought there'd be. We went to Coach first and they didnt' have a whole lot of cute stuff and NO signature stuff. We then went to Burberry. I got some cute socks and a bathing suit. We couldn't find a tag on the suit, so the woman told us to find the cheapest similiar suit. We found a defective one on clearance for $29! So that's what she charged me for mine. Sarah then found the same suit with a tag on it. It was $99! Holy shit, I got a deal! As we shopped we noticed the walkways getting more crowded and the lines getting longer and longer. We began to realize that we were really smart to get there early. We had to start tag-teaming. If it was a store that I wanted to go to, I'd shop while Sarah stood in line and vice-versa. I stood in line at Banana Republic for her and waited 45 minutes! It was insane. There were half-hour lines to TRY CLOTHES ON! After we waited 50 minutes for a fucking pretzel, we decided it was time to get the fuck outta there. As we were leaving, we walked by Coach and saw that there was a line to get IN to the store! They wern't letting anyone in until someone left!!! We were like, what the hell is that?! When we got on the freeway to head home, we saw that the line to get off at the mall exit was INSANE! It went from exit 202 to exit 199!!! We were soooo glad we arrived early! CRAZINESS!

Current Mood: exhausted
Friday, April 29th, 2005
12:18 pm
Wanna hear about my good day?

I feel loved.
Had a great day! Sarah decorated my desk, baked me a cake (soooo good), and gave me a super cute top, Chococat wallet & magnets. Sharon gave me a Hot Topic gift certificate. DJ gave me a Spongebob blanket (soft!) and SB lanyard. Kelly gave me two cute t-shirts: "friends are forever, boys are whatever", and a pink one with a french kitty on it. Donnalyn gave me a cute kitty magnet and a mini-puzzle.

I went downtown and picked up my new contacts (finally!), but my doc says the RX is too strong (what-ev, they seem fine to me). So I have to try out a weaker RX and let her know which one I like better (I know I'm gonna say "stronger" but maybe not for my glasses. They are making my world a bit warp-ie).

When I got home from work there were 3 boxes waiting for me! Box# 1 was a prezzie from Aerin: DD poster signed by both Amanda and Brian! Brian: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KATHRYN! Brian Viglione. Amanda: *scribble swirl* Love. I giggled like a retard. Box# 2 was from Mom and Dad. Cute slip-on shoes and another awesome T "Don't hate me because I'm awesome". LOVE. Box# 3 was from Jessie. Hello Kitty PJ's, flip flops, and flashlight. Non-Hello Kitty lip gloss. Very cute!

Then Carlo came home and we put on our nice clothes and went downtown. Dinner was at Mexico which, oddly enough, serves Mexican food. I had enchaladas in yummy sauce and a mango margarita (yum!). Then we went to see a play: The Graduate. It was good (and naked) but they changed the ending for some reason. That kind of confused me. But overall, I liked it and the guy that played Benjamin looked kinda like Sean Hinz (?).

I'm glad it was a good day (it didn't even rain!)

Current Mood: super!
Friday, April 22nd, 2005
12:40 pm
My new haircut kicks ass! See:

>>> Sarah Kim 04/22/2005 09:50 >>>
wonder if i could marry your hair.
**on one knee** Kathryn's hair....will you be my lawfully wedded wifie?

>>> Kathryn Zaskorski 04/22/05 09:52AM >>>
Kathryn's hair: "I don't know. I like you, but how would we make it work? I'm attached to Kathryn's head - and don't suggest shaving me off! I know that's what you're thinking! Kathryn's head would be cold."

>>> Sarah Kim 04/22/2005 10:02 >>>
Kathryn's head can grow more hair, we can ship her to Hawaii (while we are on our honeymoon there) i want to walk on the beaches w/you late at night, we would be so much happier....Pinchie and Lillie would love you "oh new hair"....

>>> Kathryn Zaskorski 04/22/05 10:07AM >>>
Kathryn's hair: Alright, but we'll have to wait until Kathryn falls asleep. Beaches sound nice, Kathryn never took me to any beaches. She's all 'oh my skin is too fair, I will burn!' Heh, she'll fry in Hawaii! Stupid bitch.

>>> Sarah Kim 04/22/2005 10:10 >>>
then we'll take her Louis Vuitton bag...lol! oh and her ipod w/all the good self songs on it, oh and her VW, oh and her flat screen, oh and her rolex....

>>> Kathryn Zaskorski 04/22/05 10:13AM >>>
Kathryn's hair: I like the way you think! Can I wear the rolex?

>>> Sarah Kim 04/22/2005 10:14 >>>
sure....ok we'll talk at the mariners game....

aaaaaand my new glasses are ready for me to pick up! Now where the hell are the new contacts I ordered?

{edit} Eye Dr. just called. My contacts are in, but they want to "see them on me". GRRR. I have to wait unitl Thursday to pick them up cuz they had to make me an appointment. I hate these contacts! This sucks! Oh well, guess that'll be a super b-day present. {edit}

Current Mood: awesome :o)
Sunday, April 17th, 2005
8:09 am
Merry has risen from the dead!
Yesterday, Carlo got me a 100GB hard drive, transferred all the info on my HD to it and put it into Merry.
Now instead of having a completely full HD, I have 65GB free!! 'Tis a happy day! I love being married to a smarty-pants!

Softball practice today (at least it's not raining!)

Oh, and now that we're allowed to talk about Ornament and Crime, here's one of my faves from it:

The Pounding Truth
I get up, out of bed
Get some coffee, go to work
I go from best to better to bad and to worse
I can't hang, I can't hang, I can't hang out with you
'Cuz in the middle of my head is the pounding truth

In this life we're livin'
We're just riding the coat tails
Riding the coat tails
In this life we're livin'
There's no wind under our sails
Riding the coat tails

In the dirtiest of towns, it's a raggity scene
I go to buy my breakfast, got no money left to spend
I can't fly, I can't fly, I can't fly 'round the room
'Cuz in the middle of my head is the pounding truth
Wednesday, April 13th, 2005
5:00 pm
on hats...and testicles.
Back to using my Matt Mahaffey icon because I'm on a HUGE sElf kick lately. He's a genious, I say! A GENIOUS!

Got Jump's "Between the Glow and the Light" EP today. It's diggable (except the remix of Rains in Asia - EWWW.)

And yesterday, my iPod hoodie arrived in the mail. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Carlo gets back from Buttfuck, Kansas "tonight at eight o'clock"! I call it Buttfuck, because his cell phone doesn't work there. If it worked, I would refer to the town as Hickville, Kansas...but it doesn't.

More evidence of Aerin's and my COMPLETE dorkiness:

PoopiNmonkeE (8:18:36 PM): I'd shake my Viglione arm at the sky and curse you and your brainwave stealing ways.
planetofthemunky (8:18:52 PM): OMG *dies of laughter*
PoopiNmonkeE (8:18:53 PM): And you'd be shaking the testicle at the sky?
planetofthemunky (8:19:01 PM): HELL YES.
planetofthemunky (8:19:07 PM): While wearing the hat.

...as if our screen names wern't evidence enough.

Current Mood: happy
Sunday, April 3rd, 2005
1:10 am
...rain is falling, looks like love
Oh man, Stars was great! They put on a really good show. The opening band was Apostle Hustle and they were OK, but a bit boreing. Stars didn't even come on 'till 11, so I'm really glad we didn't get there 'till 10. Anyway, the guy singer plays trumpet and some weird recorder-looking thing and is really short, and the chick singer plays guitar. The keyboard player was wearing this weird space-man like jacket, and the bass player was wearing a tie and sweater-vest. The other guitar player was REALLY tall and I couldn't see the drummer. They also had a chick violinist on some of the songs which was cool.

They opened with "Your Ex-lover is Dead". They also played "Elevator Love Letter", "Set Yourself on Fire", "Reunion", "Ageless Beauty", "The Big Fight", "What I'm Trying to Say", "One More Night", "Sleep Tonight", "The First Five Times", "He Lied About Death", "Soft Revolution", "Calendar Girl", "Heart", "Look Up", "What The Snowman Learned About Love" and one disco-y song I didn't recognize.

"This is a song about fucking someone in order to kill them."

Fan: "Look Up!"
Singer guy: "Alright, alright! We'll play "Look Up" Jesus Christ!"
Another fan: "What the Snowman Learned About Love!"
Singer guy: "Yeah, what about that?"
Singer girl: "Alright, my babies, this is our last song for-"
Singer guy: "No it's not! It's our second-to-last song. Now we have to play "Snowman" too!"

And they did! Kick-ass!

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Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005
7:02 pm
Tired of the old shit...
Merry: Your startup disk is almost full.
Me: Silly computer! Thinks I know computer things.
Merry: But your startup disk really is almost full.
Me: *rolls eyes* CARLO! What's a startup disk?
Carlo: It's your hard drive.
Me: Oh....*checks hard drive* I only have 300 megabites left!!!
Doug: You should get one of those things that plugs into your thing. They're like a megabite.
Me: Megabite?! I need GIGS! Plural!
Doug: Is that more than a megabite?
Carlo: Dude, your wife works for HP. You should know this stuff!
Merry: Um, your startup disk is almost full.

In other news: we are being sued for $1100 in small claims court by someone we've never met over a matter we know absolutely nothing about. God bless America!

Current Mood: Headachey
Thursday, March 17th, 2005
12:16 pm
And don't say "we're gonna get through this!"
Got Red Dwarf series V and VI DVD's in the mail yesterday. Dear Lloyd, season 5 kicks all kinds of ass! The Inquisitor, Terrorform, Quarantine, and Back to Reality ALL in one season!!! Season 6 looks pretty good too, I'll watch it tonight.

Lister (typing): The lower half of my body has gone numb.
Cat (typing): That's probably for the best.

Kryten: If mechanoids could barf I'd be on my fifth bag by now!

Kryten: I believe it would be appropriate for you to give me five, sir.
Lister: I can do better than that, I can give you fifteen!

Cat: I've got a great plan! Let's put on our jet-powered rocket pants and blast outta here!
Kryten: An excellent suggestion, with only two minor drawbacks: one, we don't have jet-powered rocket pants and two, jet-powered rocket pants don't exist outside of the comic book series "Johnny Rocket Pants".

Rimmer: Mr. Flibble's very cross...

Cat: NOOOOO! I'm Dwayne Dibbley!

Lister: It either thinks we're a threat, food, or a mate. It's either gonna kill us, eat us, or hump us.

Oh and in other news, Stars are playing here next month and I am sooooo there, man!
Saturday, March 12th, 2005
1:01 am
I pause
Doug: OK, so say you went to a concert, and you could bring your iPod and at the end of the show there was a place to plug it in and pay, say $10, and download the concert you just saw, would you do it?

Me: ummmmm..... FUCK YEAH! ...unless it was a shitty show.

Current Mood: thoughtful
Thursday, March 3rd, 2005
8:36 pm
The left brain, the right hand
Back by..um...my demand: Today's Best Song Ever!

Marbles Explode by Enon

The rythm gets you before, the rythm gets you.

There's a place inside my mind that's only for days run
I get excited and I come undone
Well I'm fussing over this, fretting over that
Look where I'm going you may know where I'm at

There! was a blip queen for a blank king
She had no rythm in her spanking
Got a tutor never practiced
Lovely paper, pretty plastic

The target's a small town boy
His mission to be unemployed
A steel jaw trap one size fits all
Two workboots and a chain and ball

There's a girl inside my heart that's only four beats old
I'm facing forward or so I am told
Now fluxuating with a kiss into another mode
And now she's dressing up her dolls before the marbles explode

There was a blip queen for a blank king
She had no rythm in her spanking
Got a tutor never practiced
Lovely paper, pretty plastic

The target's a queen sized girl
Her mission is not of this world
To fit a dress for sizes small
She's thining up for cattle call

I get trouble out there in the world because
The left brain says the right hand does
Trouble out there with the girls because
The left brain, the right hand

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Monday, February 28th, 2005
9:01 am
Ingredients to make a dish for the Oscar party: $7
Seeing Chris Rock mention Pootie Tang at the Oscars; not once but twice: Priceless.

Current Mood: good
Tuesday, February 22nd, 2005
12:00 pm
I'm not a troop!
I had lots of fun with Jessie yesterday, even though she only stayed a few hours (she's getting over a BAD cold). I usually don't have to try very hard, but I try avoid the subject of politics with her. We just don't agree. I love her anyway, and I don't want to "get into it" with her. I had to say something yesterday, though

We were driving through the mall parking lot when a car cut me off. The first thing I saw was their big yellow "support the troops" ribbon sticker so I yelled something along the lines of "It's good that you support your troops, but you don't have to try to kill me just cuz I'm not a troop". Jessie just started laughing. She said, "They have a "support the troops" sticker and a John Kerry sticker on their car! Isn't that a conflict of interests?" I was a bit annoyed, but I took a deep breath and said "You can support the troops without supporting the president. It's not their fault there's a war, it's his." I have to admit that I was pleased when she had nothing to say to that.

Current Mood: indescribable
Sunday, January 30th, 2005
8:13 pm
Um...how do I tell what gear it is in?
Carlo baught me my dream car today!!! 1978 convertable VW beetle! It needs some work, but it's really not in that bad of shape. Driving it is pretty hard, but I'll figure it out. It's cute. It's just too cute! It needs a new top, driver's seat, carpeting and dashboard. It might need a new floor as well (Carlo says they're cheap). If we get all of that done before summer, we'll probably paint it green as well (it's white now.) Oh, and the floor mats have ladybugs on them! I'm totally in love!

Current Mood: excited
5:50 pm
Little Loser!

Current Mood: annoyed
Wednesday, January 26th, 2005
12:20 pm
yo mamma, yo daddy, yo greasy granny got a hole in her fanny
Work sucks soooo much ass. It sucks all the ass known to mankind. Keef moved his desk and now he sits right behind me!!! FUCK! Now I got to deal with his and David's incredibly annoying ass! I had to crank the iPod up to 11 today to drown out all the nonsense. Plus I'm working on trying to fix all my '03 accounts which is FRUSTRATING. I really need to figure out some way to deal with stress. I'm horrible at it.

In better news, my b-day is going to be the best ever this year due to EELS DOUBLE ALBUM two days before it and NEW NIN a few days after it. As Dixie Wetsworth would say, "MOISTURE!"

Sideways was a good movie. We saw it on Saturday and it was hilarious.

Current Mood: stressed
Saturday, January 1st, 2005
12:52 pm
2004 in music
My 10 favorite albums of '04 list goes something like this:

10. Beastie Boys - To The 5 Boroughs ("Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Staton!" Carlo and I both dig this one.)
9. Modest Mouse - Good News For People Who Love Bad News (Pop gold!)
8. Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand (Pop/Dance gold!)
7. Cake - Pressure Cheif (I love Cake, Bitches!)
6. Fluid Ounces - The Whole Shebang (It's not Ben Folds, it's the shit!)
5. Head Automatica - Decadance (This is the only thing I listened to for SEVERAL months.)
4. Vast - Nude (And Crimson too, but that came out last year. This album is sex.)
3. Keane - Hopes and Fears (Beautiful.)
2. Muse - Absolution (Beautiful and rocking.)
1. The Dresden Dolls - The Dresden Dolls (Obsession galore.)

Current Mood: tipsy
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